Thursday, October 20, 2005

Modern Tokyo Architecture

I've had a few (well, okay, one) request for shots of Japanese architecture. No doubt, when you think of Japanese buildings, you think of one of two things: elegant shinto shrines with sloping tiled roofs, surrounded by manicured gardens whose genius lies in encouraging their natural beauty rather than forcing the artificial kind ... or, if you're from my generation, neon.

These both exist. The former is hard to find, the latter more or less confined to the downtown core, places like Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Here's something a little more representative of the modern Japanese contractor's art:

It's a little archictural stillbirth I like to call The Ugliest Building in Japan. Or at least in Hachioji. I get to gaze upon it most every day, as I stand on the train platform while en route to work. Gaze upon it, and shudder. It is, I will admit, an extreme, but know this: the buildings in Japan (or at least those thrown up since the country was reduced to rubble in WWII) are very, very Ugly.


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