Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Damn You Apple! or, In Memorium

After a year of faithful service, my trusty 3rd-gen clickwheel iPod has bitten the dust. Why? I don't know, though as the warantee expired a convenient (for Apple) one week ago, my paranoid side suspects that this was not an accident. This leaves me at something of a quandary: while I (desperately) want an MP3 player, I'm not sure what to buy ... I'm stuck between my newfound distrust of Apple (a $650 piece of hardware cacking out after a year is not exactly confidence-inspiring), and my long-lasting and potent contempt for Sony (they of the rootkit fame.) Or I could get the iPod fixed, but I see that costing upwards of $300.

Nevertheless, for the moment I am left with nothing to protect my ears from the clangor of the hated Outside World; after a year of being comfortably cocooned inside my own little personal soundtrack, this is a little like passing out drunk only to have your evil friends gleefully throw your comatose body into an ice-bath. I really have noticed an effect on my mood the last few days: I've had less energy, I've been more depressed and negative, and have seen my general enjoyment of life in general plummet to new lows.

I hate you, Apple.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Shavonne said...

You probably just need a new battery. They do go after a while. You can purchase battery changing kits and do it yourself. I had a 3rd generation iPod. But someone broke into my house and stole it along with my sony vaio and my digital cameras. Boy was I pissed. If your iPod went capooey then I'm hoping mine did as well. And since the assholes don't believe in working for the things they want I'm sure they won't spend the money to get the battery replaced. I'm feeling somewhat better.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Shavonne said...

There is an Apple store in Japan, and according to Apple.com, it should only cost you about $100 USD to have the battery replaced. Feeling better?

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Matt said...

A bit, yeah. I hope you're right, and it is the battery.

That really sucks about your electronics. Having a computer stolen is just about the worst feeling it's possible to have, with all the personal shit on them. There's a special circle of hell reserved for computer thieves.


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