Thursday, November 24, 2005

Labour Day

Want to know what I did for Labour Day? (The Japanese Labour Day, that is, which falls on the 23rd of November.) Too bad, I'm gonna tell you anyways: I went to the country's largest, and probably coolest, club - Ageha - to see Armin van Buren (okay, okay, so Womb might well be better.) And, man, was it ever good.

There were some initial hiccups, like waiting in the cold outside Shin-Kiba station for my room-mate to show up, and then having to change once we actually got to the club (I'd come straight from work. So had he, but he stopped to change on the way, which is why I waited so long ... bastard.) After that, though, wow. What a great night.

Met a lot of people, both gaijin and Japanese. Talked to a bunch of girls, mostly Japanese of course (briefly, a French girl who claimed to be a head-hunter. We're pretty sure she was a hostess, though.) And, of course, drank and danced (van Buren provided the expected solid, driving trance for which he is justly famous, while other rooms provided some funky, hard-edged garage or some more unclassifiable but still eminently danceable stuff.) The usual club stuff, in other words.

Some things of note:

First, the water bar. It's outside, and includes a pool - which would have been a lot nicer in the summer, I'm sure. I don't know if people are allowed to swim in it; given that it's late November, no one tried.

You can make out the sponsor of the event in the water. You basically would have to have been blind not to know that the Kool brand cigarettes were behind the festivities; the Kool logo - sometimes just the two interlocking O's - were everywhere. There were three people behind a table hawking the cigarettes, too (I actually got a free beer out of that, getting my room-mate to take me up on a bet that they smoked. Turned out one didn't, the other two did, which I thought was kind of funny. I mean, come on: who takes a job marketing cigarettes if they're not going to smoke them?) Then there were these guys, wandering around the party all wrapped in neon and bouncing around with springs on their feet and pogo sticks on their arms (I'm not making this up, I swear.) Sadly the pics are a little blurry ... besy I could do with a camphone (and actual cameras weren't allowed in, so it wouldn't have made a difference even if I had one.)

Sadly, I had to leave early: my room-mate Tom, who had already had a few girls dance away from him (he's not a loser or anything, just in this case unlucky) sent me a text saying, first, where are you, and second, i'm at the station see you later. So I called him up and found that he'd had a couple of Spanish gays come onto him, which was pretty much the last straw for him. It was a long way home (two hours from Shin-Kiba to Hachioji - Shin-Kiba's even more in the ass-end of Tokyo than Hachioji is) and I didn't fancy doing it alone, so I told him to hold up and I'd catch him there in a few minutes, especially as it was pretty close to the end and I didn't want to get caught in the crowd.Two hours later we got back to Hachioji (we had to wait on the platform for a train one stop from Hachioji ... why it didn't just go all the way, we don't know, but resented deeply whatever the reason); shovelled down some beef-and-rice and Yoshinoya, and crashed out until three in the p.m.


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