Thursday, December 29, 2005

First Crazy Night of the Vacation

Woo. What a night. Muscles hurt I didn't even know I had. So this is what I did last night:

My room-mate's friend has come over from the States for the winter vacation, and so we are, of course, obligated to entertain him. I met up with them, and my room-mates girlfriend, in Shinjuku around 4; we went straight to Shibuya, and attended the Hub's happy hour (the Hub is a sort of imitation English pub, with franchises all around Tokyo. It is THE gaijin hangout, because it's menu is in English as well as Japanese.)

After that we had dinner at The Lockup, one of the many theme restaurants in Tokyo. The Lockup is set up like a dungeon/prison: as you walk in (and down, and down), you pass an animatronic prisoner being given the electric chair, which reveals itself with strobe lights and sound effects just as you pass it. Inside, the waitress - in orange correctional institution coveralls - met us, and locked a handcuff to C., my room-mates friend, and led us to our room, complete with a barred metal door that slides shut with a satisfyingly final clang. We ordened a drink called a 'Denki (or Electric) Shock', which may well be one of the nastiest and most potent alcoholhic beverages this side of a Prairie Fire. Throughout the meal, the lights would periodically strobe, heavy metal music would crank up to full volume, and the staff would run around in Freddy Krueger masks, jumping into people's rooms and pawing them. Quite an interesting dining experience.... Sadly, I have no pix: it was too dark.

After that, off to play some pool and drink some more beer. 'Nuff said there.

And then, finally, the night's main attraction: Ageha (warning, Flash), where Ferry Corsten was headlining. I spent relatively little time dancing to Corsten, actually; I've got nothing against trance, but there was a drum n' bass room off to the side, and dnb will always be my first love when it comes to dance music. I basically spent the whole night in there - with breaks to go outside and get some air (the dnb room was small, poorly ventilated, and crowded: the body heat alone hit you like a wall when you walked in, and the body odor was like getting punched in the nose.) But the music was great: hard, violent, driving beats that kept you going even on the verge of collapse.

One unexpected thing that happened: meeting my old friend R. She's my friend J.'s girlfriend; the last I'd seen her, they were working through some problems caused by LDR issues (she's in Japan, and he's about as far from Japan as it's possible to be), but now she's quit her job and, in less than a month, going to live with him in the Bahamas! Some people have all the luck....

So, well, that was my night. Basically, drinking and dancing. And, boy, am I ever paying for it now....


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