Thursday, December 08, 2005

Reasons Why My Job Rocks

So my keitai rings at 11 a.m. - a good hour and a half before I have to call in for sub duty - and I immediately know that that doesn't bode well. A quick glance at the call log dashes my brief hopes: it was HQ. And when HQ calls early on a sub day, that's never a good sign.

I call back, and sure enough, I'm getting sent on a Journey today. Yokohama, a good hour on the train from Hachioji. Actually, this isn't as bad as it sounds; I go to Yokohama every Sunday as part of my regular schedule, and the Sunday shift starts early - have to be at work at 10:45, instead of the normal 3:35 - so I'm used to the commute. To make things even better, the only non-Free Time Lesson class I have is an IM Con (Intermediate Conversation), with which I'll cap things off. By better, here, I mean: no kids classes.

I start the day as I normally do, getting to the school a couple hours early and then finding a coffee shop and sitting down to practice my Japanese. Things take an immediate turn for the worse when I go up to clock in: S. is there.

Now, I've encountered S. twice before. I know very little about him, both of said encounters having been mercifully brief, and I have to state right up that he's never done anything against me (unless you count his ham-handed attempt to slime my friend R., a couple of months back, which I introduce as character evidence only.) Nevertheless, there is something about him - in the way he speaks, or the way he dresses (Donald Duck jacket and macthing tie), or just the annoying things he says - that makes my lizard brain want to grab control of my extremities so it can kick him in a place men shouldn't kick each other.

This is cause for comment only because the majority of the teachers at ECC are great people. The company seems to hire, not just on the basis of qualifications (ie, one official University diploma), but also on the basis of basic social skills; after all, teachers who annoy students aren't likely to be very good for business. Which makes me wonder how this creature made it past the hiring process.

Then there's the final class, the IM Con. I've been looking forward this all day: the topic for the day is clubbing, and that can't possibly be a dull subject, right?


Well, when you're class consists of 6 Japanese ladies in the upper-20's/lower-30's, who haven't been clubbing in a very long time if at all ... yeah, the topic went over real well. I figured this out pretty early on, so I fudged and basically just allowed them to talk about whatever they wanted (it is IM conversation, after all.) So they talked lots, but I'm not sure they actually learned anything.

So, that was my day at ECC. And if you're reading this, and thinking, "Wow, you barely worked and you're bitching!?", well, just keep this in mind: this is what a bad day at ECC is like. And there aren't too many of them.

Understand the title now?


At 5:29 PM, Blogger Shavonne said...

Did you at least have a great lunch?

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Don't recall, actually. Probably nothing special ... I usually just have a sandwich+coffee.


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