Friday, January 06, 2006

Odds and Ends From the End of the Winter Vacation

Just got back home from the first day of work after the vacation. Ah, so slow ... so very nice. I only had three students and a placement test ... three free periods, and a fourth that was basically free. What a wonderfully relaxing day at work (even if I did have to go all the way out to Omiya, which is over an hour from Hachioji.)

I spent the last day of the vacation with my girlfriend. She introduced me to a movie by Miyazaki (that would be the guy who did Spirited Away.) It was called Laputa, and is apparently about 20 years old. The story's pretty simple - two children, aided by a band of air-pirates, try to find a flying island - but it's very well done and the animation is simply excellent. Anime is so much better than Disney that it's a wonder the latter even bothers making movies any more.

She helped me with my Japanese a bit, too. It turns out that I memorized two completely useless kanji, the ones for the verbs iru ('to exist', animate) and aru (to exist, inanimate.) They're never used, apparently. And, she helped me translate my name into Japanese:

Now, my full name is Matthew (Hebrew for "Gift of God"), Eric (Old Norse, for "King") and Shultz (German for "Village Ruler".) So, the above translates as Kamiokumono Oumurashu. The first kanji is "God", the next two, "Gift", the fourth "King", the fifth "Ruler", and the sixth "Master."

I'll try not to let all this go to my head ;-)


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