Monday, January 02, 2006

Stupid #$%&ing Banks....

So I walk down to the bank today to pay my rent - yeah, yeah, technically a day late, but the 1st happened to be a Sunday this year - and, of course, the bank is closed. Until Wednesday.

Fair enough, I sez. Everyone needs a holiday.

So I go down to the 7-11, where there's a cash machine; can't pay rent there, sure, but I can make a withdrawal, and I'm running a little low on cash after the weekend. It is at this point that I discover that, apparently, in Japan the bank machines need a holiday too. Withdrawals will not be available until Wednesday morning. As I have approximately 1000 yen left in my wallet (and might be able to scrounge up another thousand or two out of my overfilling change jar) this means that the next two days will be somewhat more, er, low-key than the last two.

(It's times like this that I regret my gaijin habit of never having more than twenty thousand on my person at any given time. Here, people feel so safe that they regular walk around with fifty thousand on their persons ... whereas in Canada (and of course the U.S.) anyone who carried more than a hundred or two would be regarded as foolish and possibly insane.)

This isn't the first time this has happened, incidentally. On probably four or five occasions over the past six months, UFJ (that's the bank I'm with), and it's entire network, have shut down for the entire weekend. One time, this almost left me stranded in Yokohama: luckily, I had just enough money on me for train fare back home. This time, thankfully, I have plenty of food and don't have to go to work ... but still, spending the next two days of my vacation with next-to-no-money is gonna suck.


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