Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Just got of the phone with my family, and they all pestered me about the blog, complaining that I hadn't updated since 2月6日. Who knew people kept track of these things? Anyhow, I wish I had some deeply interesting reason for the long silence, but, really, I'm just lazy.

So, as many of you know and no doubt privately lamented, Valentine's Day was last week. This is one of the holidays Japan has imported from the West (by which I mean, the U.S. ... the other being Christmas.) But (as with all imported holidays) they Japanese have made some improvements. Essentially, they've split it in two, into 'Valentine's Day', and 'White Day'. On Valentine's Day, the girl gives the guy a present, and on white day the guy repays, with interest. I say this is an improvement because it takes a lot of the uncertainty out of 'how much should I spend on a gift', for both parties.

Anyhow, I got a very nice bathrobe (the largest size available is a little on the small side, but still quite comfortable) which is nice, as I forgot my bathrobe at home. Now, after work, I can offend my room-mates with my slothful appearance! Ahhh, feels almost like I'm back in university....

The previous weekend, I went out to see a movie, Munich. It was my girlfriend's idea (I don't often see movies on my own); we were able to go largely because Saturday was a national holiday (on which more later.) I'll hold off on my usual strident politics, as I don't feel this blog, given it's focus, is the place for my opinions on the latest existential threat to the West, and say only that those who protested the movie, on either side of the culture war, doth protest too much. Spielberg did a good job of portraying the conflict, even if unwittingly.

After the movie, we went out for dinner. I had squid-ink risotto (ie, the sauce was made from squid ink.) It was ... interesting. Notice, I didn't say 'tasty'. Certainly not something I'd have again, but at least I can say I'm tried it.

Bored now. More later ;-)


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