Tuesday, March 14, 2006

V for Vendetta

As the movie is coming out in Japan shortly, I decided to read the graphic novel. I just finished the first book. For those of you who don't follow comics, V for Vendetta is a graphic novel by Alan Moore, one of the greats of the field. The book involves a future (when it was written; now, a past) Britain in which a fascist government has taken over.

In the introduction, Moore makes it pretty clear that he considers Thatcher's tenure to be a protofascist regime.

Very early in the book, there's a panel showing a video camera mounted on a street-light, a sign under it saying 'For Your Protection'. The sinister implications are too obvious to go into, but one thing that struck me is that the modern Britain is, in fact, saturated with CCTV cameras, ostensibly erected to protect against crime ... and that those cameras were not put up by some evil bogeyman Conservative rightwing junta, but by New Labour.

Isn't it interesting that, throughout the 20th century, the Left has consistently used the slur of 'fascist' or 'nazi' against the Right, when in fact most of the century's worst crimes have been committed by ideologues from the Left. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and even Hitler (the leader, don't forget, of the National Socialist party.)

Cognitive dissonance, anyone?


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