Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Dark Side of Japanese Trains

Johan over at Lost in Japan writes to remind us that not all is sweetness and light on Tokyo trains:

The last two mornings have been like a visit to commuter hell. Actually, yesterday was not that bad, but today’s train ride was every bit as fun as being dragged by wild horses and chased by an angry Irish mob (no offence to any Irish people) at the same time. When I came down to the platform all I could see was an endless sea of people. It was almost impossible to even reach the platform, because the lines reached up the stairs from the ticket gates.

I've had to deal with that a time or two myself, actually. Luckily, it's not often, as the hours I work (3:30 to 9:30, most days) mean I board the train at low periods, but there have been the occasional times when I have to get somewhere early, or when I go drinking and have to catch the Last Train Home. Especially in the latter instance, the crowds trying to cram themelves into the train are something to see. Like a vastly powerful, but very well-mannered force of nature.

(last post on this topic for a while, promise!)


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